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Magazine: Celebrating motorsport’s biggest monsters

Magazine: Celebrating motorsport’s biggest monsters

We’ve selected some of the most outrageous and, in a few cases, ridiculous cars ever to go into competition for our Monsters of Motorsport special. It is a look at some of the cars that can impress and entertain even if they are going around a circuit (or rally stage) all on their own.

There were many candidates for inclusion, so we’ve largely focused on the cars that were dramatic and successful, across Formula 1, sportscars, off-road contests and tin-tops. We’ve thrown in some oddballs, but generally these are some of the winners that look spectacular even when running alone.

Gary Watkins explains how special fuel allowed Brabham-BMW to overcome Renault and Ferrari to make Nelson Piquet the first turbocharged F1 world champion, and picks out some of the most outrageous sportscars in history.

We also look at the history of Pikes Peak machinery and recall the time when Can-Am racers graced UK circuits, while Tom Howard recalls the impact the Nissan Skyline GT-R made on Australian motorsport, with the help of touring car legend Mark Skaife.

Staying on the Australian theme, Andrew van Leeuwen speaks to some of Jamie Whincup’s colleagues and rivals to find out what made the seven-time Supercars champion so good following Whincup’s retirement from full-time driving.

Maserati’s return to motorsport, taking on Formula E, leads our international news section and Rachit Thukral ponders Audi’s remarkable Dakar Rally debut with its complex RS Q e-tron.

We’ve got the usual latest news from UK motorsport, plus our resident racer Ben Anderson gets behind the wheel of the revised Radical SR10, which has recently become the British sportscar constructor’s fastest-selling car.

Our new My Favourite series continues with former Champ Car frontrunner Bruno Junqueira arguing the case for his favourite circuit.

Look out for the 20 January issue, which delves into F1’s new 2022 rules and what they could mean for the racing and competitive order.

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January 13, 2022 at 10:31AM

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