Marko’s Jabs, Alonso’s Strategy, and Rosberg’s Wisdom – F1 Recap 07.09.2023

Helmut Marko Fires Back at Mercedes

Helmut Marko of Red Bull responded to Mercedes’ dismissal of Max Verstappen’s impressive run, stating that Red Bull isn’t concerned about Mercedes’ opinions as they’re “not a serious opponent”. Verstappen has been dominant this season, breaking records and receiving praise from many, but Mercedes downplayed his achievements.

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Helmut Marko’s Comments on Checo Perez

Helmut Marko made controversial remarks about Checo Perez, referring to his cultural roots. Marko praised Perez’s performance but made comments that some have labeled as discriminatory. Marko’s past comments about Perez have also stirred controversy.

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Marko’s Praise for Lawson

Liam Lawson has been impressive in his F1 outings, and Marko has praised his performance. Lawson’s form might pose a challenge for Red Bull as they have to decide between several drivers for limited seats.

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Alonso’s Focus on Hamilton

Fernando Alonso believes he should focus on Lewis Hamilton rather than Sergio Perez for the remainder of the 2023 season. Alonso aims for Aston Martin to finish ahead of Ferrari in the Constructors’ Championship.

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Magnussen on Haas’ Performance

Kevin Magnussen discussed the challenges faced by Haas, especially after a tough race at Monza. Despite the current difficulties, Magnussen believes that the Haas team is in a strong position and is optimistic about the future.

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Tsunoda’s F1 Future

Yuki Tsunoda, the team leader at AlphaTauri, discussed the challenges and changes within the team. He expressed his desire to showcase his value as a driver, not just for Red Bull but for other teams as well.

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Pirelli’s New F1 Tires Test

Pirelli tested new tires for the upcoming F1 seasons. The tests took place in Monza and Fiorano, with several teams participating. The focus was on developing tires that don’t require heating blankets and improving rain tires.

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Rosberg’s Advice to Vasseur

Nico Rosberg, the 2016 F1 champion, advised Ferrari Team Principal Frederic Vasseur after a close battle between Ferrari drivers Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc. Rosberg emphasized the importance of preventing potential conflicts between team drivers.

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