Rosberg finds Hamilton’s teammates comments “a bit strange” – 2023 Italian GP

Former World Champion Nico Rosberg was asked to respond to Sir Lewis Hamilton’s remarks in which he compared his teammates throughout his career to those of Max Verstappen. The British driver discussed with Italy’s Sky Sports F1 the current success streak Verstappen is experiencing and how the media tends to magnify his accomplishments.

In a conversation with British Sky Sports F1, the 2016 world champion, who partnered with Hamilton for four seasons (2013-2016) and with Michael Schumacher for three seasons (2010-2012), described Hamilton’s remarks as “a bit strange.” He spoke with presenter Simon Lazenby.

Simon Lazenby : Quite strong words are they from Lewis on the subject of having stronger teammates Fernando Alonso, Heikki Kovalainen, Jenson button, Valtteri Bottas, George Russell.. I know of course as well Nico Rosberg. But compare that though to Max’s with Carlos Sainz, Daniel Ricciardo, Gasly, Albon and Perez. He nearly forgot you…

Rosberg : I am thankful to our sky reporter. Yeah at first I didn’t make the cut. So it’s thanks to her that I eventually did make the cut so that I’m really thankful.
And it’s a bit strange that Lewis does talk about that like ‘my teammates were so much better’. Like where did that come from ? A bit strange, but I do think he has a point. I mean he had three world champions as teammates that says a lot doesn’t it ? so I do think it’s correct.

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