2023 Azerbaijan GP Learnings helped Verstappen at “Every Track”

Max Verstappen’s recent dominance in the Formula One circuit has been nothing short of remarkable. Since the 2023 Miami Grand Prix, the Dutch driver has secured an astounding nine consecutive wins, leaving his competitors in his wake. This extraordinary winning streak has raised questions about what has led to Verstappen’s surge in performance.

The streak began after Verstappen’s last non-win in the Grand Prix held in Azerbaijan, just before the Miami race. Since then, he has exhibited an unparalleled mastery over his competitors, consistently finishing at the top of the podium. However, what has truly set Verstappen apart is his ability to extract every ounce of performance from his car.

In a post-race interview after the 2023 Dutch Grand Prix, Max Verstappen shed light on the transformation that propelled him to this remarkable achievement. When asked by Andrew Benson of BBC about his surge in performance since Miami,

Verstappen had this to say: Yeah, I think I learned a lot from the race in Baku, how to do some things with the car, how to set it up. Of course, I didn’t win that race in Baku but actually I really tried a lot of stuff and different tools in the car. That’s why throughout the race it was a little bit inconsistent, but at one point, I got into a good rhythm with what I found. But then I damaged my tyres a bit too much. But it was like ‘OK, that’s quite interesting for the next races’. And I basically implemented that and it has helped me on every track.”

Verstappen’s ability to learn from setbacks, adapt his driving style, and optimize his car’s performance has been the cornerstone of his recent success. This adaptive approach allowed him to find the sweet spot in terms of car setup, driving techniques, and tire management, which in turn led to his triumphant run.

Equally impressive, Verstappen’s streak has also equaled a record set by Sebastian Vettel in 2013. This feat underlines the historic nature of his achievement and solidifies his place among the sport’s legends. Looking ahead, the anticipation grows as Verstappen has the opportunity to set a new record of 10 consecutive wins in the next race at Monza, Italy. If successful, this would mark another milestone in his already remarkable career.

As Max Verstappen’s winning streak continues, the Formula One world watches in awe and anticipation. His ability to learn from past races, make strategic adjustments, and apply those lessons on the track has not only brought him to the forefront but has also ignited discussions about his place in the pantheon of racing greats. The ongoing question remains: who will be the one to break Verstappen’s stride and challenge his reign in the upcoming races? Only time will tell, but for now, Verstappen’s incredible achievements are undoubtedly rewriting the history of Formula One.

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