“Absolutely mugged him” : BBC pundit reacts to Verstappen’s overtake on Russell at the 2023 Miami GP

Speaking on BBC’s Chequered Flag Podcast after the 2023 Miami Grand Prix, the journalist analysed Max Verstappen’s charge to the win from P9 on the grid.

In the previous event in Azerbaijan, the two drivers came into contact at the start of the sprint race. The collision resulted in a hole on Verstappen’s sidepod leading to a confrontation between him and Russell after the sprint race. The TV cameras were solely focused on heated exchange of words between the two.

Then both drivers expressed their version of the collision and the subject was even brought up to Russell by Sky Sports F1, in the Mercedes media session ahead of the 2023 Miami GP weekend. Asked by the journalist on Verstappen’s “expect the same next time” comments, the Briton labelled the situation “a little bit pathetic…”

The tension between the pair was expected to be tested once again on the track at the race in Miami. With Verstappen starting P9 and Russell P6, the Dutchman was in the Briton’s DRS zone within a few laps. The double world champion effortlessly overtook Russell on turn 17.

“It was punchy, clinical and tidy,” said the BBC journalist on Verstappen’s performance, before commenting on the overtaking of Russell.
“The move on Russell he did as well, kind of from pretty far back into 17. And I was looking forward to that one. After the beef they had in Baku, I was thinking, come on, this could get a bit argy again.”
“Because George has been racing Max really, really aggressively for the last couple [of races in Australian and Azerbaijan]. Max just didn’t give him a chance to. Was really late on the brakes from about three car lengths back. Absolutely mugged him. So I think he did have a really good day. His pace was phenomenal.”

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