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Verstappen : “fighting for a win is tricky” – Post Qualifying Interview transcripted – 2023 Saudi Arabian GP

Interview with F1

F1: Um, it looks like your teammate’s about to get pole. You must be quite disappointed not to be in that fight.

MV: Yeah, well, I mean, I think every time that we were out there, we were really competitive. But that’s also the side of motorsports. You know, these things can happen, and just try to make sure that we know what the problem was fully, and understand why it happened, and yeah, move forward. Now you have to look tomorrow, try to minimise the damage.

F1: It looked like you changed your gearbox before the session, and then a Drive Shaft broke. So is that related, and are you expecting to take any penalties?

MV: I don’t know if it was related to each other. So we’ll analyse everything at the moment. I only know that the Drive Shaft broke, and that’s it.

F1: And you love fighting from the back. We’ve seen you produce some amazing performances. So are you expecting the same tomorrow?

MV: Well, we’ll try to move forward. We’ll try to make the best out of it. I think fighting for a win is tricky, but we’ll try to get as close as possible.

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