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Alonso : “Even Max, starting P 15, should be in front of us” – Post Qualifying Interview transcripted – 2023 Saudi Arabian GP

F1: Fernando, podium last week and now you’re starting on the first row. You must be delighted.

FA: Yeah, definitely. I mean, very, very happy. I think there were some question marks always when you come to a new circuit, if the car will perform as good as it did in Bahrain. And yeah, so far, only positive surprises on the car. Always feel very competitive, easy to drive. So let’s see tomorrow if we can score big points again.

F1: And you weren’t quite in the fight for pole, did you leave anything on the table or was that the most you could have got out the car?

FA: No, I think it was the maximum. So. Yeah, I think Red Bull is very strong also. Ferrari in one lap pace. They are stronger than us at the moment. But yeah, all in all, obviously we are very happy with the performance here and let’s go into the race with some optimism and hopefully we can use the race pace.

F1: And finally, I’ve seen you pull off some amazing stars. Are we going to see one of those tomorrow again?

FA: Hopefully. Even though I think here the race start is important. Yes, but the race pace is even more important. With four DRS zones, I think eventually everyone will finish in the position that you deserve. So I think Red Bull, even Max, starting P 15, should be in front of us, or at least in the podium. So let’s see what we can do.

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