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Hamilton : “A second off” to the front – Post FP2 Interview transcripted – 2023 Saudi Arabian GP

F1: Lewis, George just told me he was running some test items in FP2 and it looked like it might bring a bit more performance. Did you get any updates or were they not enough to go around?

LH: I’m not really sure what those are, so… I’ve just been focusing on my own programme. Of course, if there are things being tested on the other car, we will know about them… Once we have the debrief.

F1: Ok, Lovely. Did FP2 feel any better for you, or was it still tough out there?

Lewis Hamilton: Yeah, pretty much the same… A second off or whatever it was. But, for me, I definitely struggled in both sessions.

F1: With perhaps a bigger change coming down the track, what can you do this weekend and perhaps in Australia to change things when a big overhaul might be coming? What do you pick apart? What little things can you do?

LH: We just continue to go into the details, trying to improve the balance of the car to make it easier to drive. It’s just a tough car to drive, but I know everyone’s working so hard at the factory, so it’s just a matter of time and having to be patient.

F1: Is this car better than last year’s, though, because that was so tough to drive? Do you feel better?

Lewis Hamilton: Well, it’s pretty much the same.

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