Alonso : “Just to be in Q3” Post FP2 Interview transcripted – 2023 Saudi Arabian GP

Fernando Alonso started his 2023 Saudi Arabian GP weekend, the second round of the 2023 FIA F1 World Championship, in the top positions on Friday.

In FP1, the Spaniard finished 3rd with a time of 1:30.315, 0.698 seconds behind the leader, Max Verstappen. Alonso completed 22 laps during this session.

In FP2, Fernando Alonso improved his position to 2nd with a time of 1:29.811, just 0.208 seconds behind the leader, Max Verstappen, and completed 26 laps.

Interview with F1

F1 : Fernando, first practice sessions in Saudi Arabia. You looked to be the seconde fastest team again. How was the day ?

FA: Yeah, let’s see. I think Friday is always not very representative. Also, Bahrain, we were okay, like, P1 on Fridays, and then we were P5, nearly P6 on qualifying, so you never know until we go to qualifying. But, yeah, we tested what we wanted to test in the car. I think it’s still not an ideal balance, so we still need to chase a little bit of grip tonight. But, yeah, so far it’s a good.

F1 : It’s another good start. You were sort of fighting with Ferrari in Bahrain, but you look to be quite far ahead of them. Do you think that’s truly reflective of your position? You’re the second fastest team. Do you think?

FA: Yeah, I just answer now. I have no idea. I just drive the car in qualifying and I see where I am. But obviously there are a lot of Free Practices, a lot of days between races, a lot of datas to analyse and a lot of predictions and estimations for you guys to do. So that’s the beauty of Formula One as well. But for us teams or drivers, it’s difficult to read anything on free Practices.

F1: So predictions and estimations. If you have to make one for tomorrow for qualifying, what would it be?

FA: I have no idea. I don’t know. Just to be in Q3.

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