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Masi: Everyone wanted sacking, now gets full backing

Masi: Everyone wanted sacking, now gets full backing

Everyone wants HIS dismissal – now he suddenly gets backing. Hamilton fans, Mercedes, Toto Wolff – they all had one wish after last season: the dismissal of Michael Masi as Formula 1 race director. The Australian had gambled away his sympathies from those particular demographics.

While the FIA is currently analysing what happened at the Abu Dhabi GP, Masi’s chair in Formula 1 seems to be wobbling more than ever. But now he has the backing of an expert.


Formula 1: Masi just a pawn?

The stewards’ interpretation of the rules last year was too opaque and inconsistent over the season. Further, Masi seemed overwhelmed, especially in discussions with the team bosses, who were constantly talking at him during the races. As much as it was pure entertainment for the fans watching on TV, Liberty Media had seriously looked into not including that element next season, but loathe to give up a form of entertainment, new methods came to light.


There is even said to have been a secret agreement between Mercedes and the FIA and the world governing body for motor sport, to which Masi must vacate his post if you’re to believe certain Hamcentric tabloids in the UK. But there are also dissenting voices who say that sacking the 44-year-old would not solve the core problem.


An ex-Formula 1 driver stands by Masi’s side One is a former racing driver and current TV pundit Martin Brundle.

“What I know with absolute certainty is that a change of Michael Masi will not solve the problem,” he tells British “Sky”.



According to him, managing 23 races a year is too much for one person. “It’s far too big a task,” Brundle said.

“Should Masi actually remain in office in the end, he would need a lot of support.”

Brundle refers to Masi’s predecessor Charlie Whiting, who always had an assistant at his side in Herbie Blash.

“I suspect that’s what they’re looking at at the moment,” says the 158-time Grand Prix participant, referring to possible help for Masi. Besides, there is no suitable replacement for him at the moment anyway



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January 15, 2022 at 10:02AM

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