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Masi set to issue Hamilton penalty for race one

Masi set to issue Hamilton penalty for race one

Further Humiliation for Wolff and Mercedes as Masi set to issue Hamilton penalty for race one – After the initial outbursts from Mercedes and Toto Wolff following the 2021 Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix, which saw Lewis Hamilton lose his WDC title and fail to gain his coveted 8th title, things went quiet over Christmas and New Year.

So quiet in fact, the normally vocal Hamilton has refused to speak to his devoted supporters via social media; a highly unusual state of affairs for the British F1 driver.

With the haze of the New Year celebrations dissipating, there has been a flurry of stories in the British media, particular the Daily Express who are avid supporters of Hamilton, suggesting Mercedes have strong armed the FIA into seriously considering sacking their Formula One race director Michael Masi.



The latest of these Wolff/Mercedes attempts to manipulate motorsports world governing body yesterday suggested Lewis Hamilton would confirm he will race in 2022 if Masi is removed from his role.

TJ13 has always asserted the FIA will retain Masi simply because to do anything else concedes he made a mistake and opens the old wounds over the decisions made during the final race of the season.

Today the FIA have responded to the latest media pressure on Wolff/Mercedes behalf by stating there will be an investigation beginning soon, and ending with its conclusions on the day of Free Practice 1 & 2 at the first F1 event of the season.

Clearly, this calls Hamilton and Wolff’s bluff, by stating the British driver will have to decide whether he races or not in 2022 without knowing the outcome of their report into the Abu Dhabi race.


Hamilton is still refusing to respond to the new FIA president’s requests to contact him and is under threat of a sanction for refusing to attend the mandatory FIA end of season gala.

There remains the irony of Hamilton facing a grid place penalty from Masi at round 1 of the 2022 season, the very FIA representative Wolff and Lewis are demanding be replaced.




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January 14, 2022 at 10:34PM

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