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F1 | No stone left unturned for Ferrari in the development of “aggressive” 2022 car

F1 | No stone left unturned for Ferrari in the development of “aggressive” 2022 car

While Red Bull and Mercedes were battling out on and off track to win the championship, Ferrari was focusing on the 2022 car, in hopes of getting the most out of the new regulations and reduce the gap from them.

La Gazzetta dello Sport reports the Scuderia has brought back the same innovative approach that was behind the SF70H and the SF71H to develop the new Ferrari 674.

Team Principal Mattia Binotto wanted the team to be more open minded and explore different avenues in research. An unconservative approach whose results, they are sure in Maranello, “will be seen in the new car". Before concentrating on the actual aerodynamic development in the wind tunnel, “engineers evaluated various concepts for the suspension and the layout of the internal parts”.

Despite being aware of the fact both Red Bull and Merecedes have the resources to do the same, at Ferrari they are confident in the work they have been putting on the development of the 674. A single-seater that is “the most aggressive, in terms of approach compared to the recent ones” the team has put out on track.

Apparently the main focus of Ferrari’s researches has been the area around the bottom floor and the shape of the bodywork, two key elements for performance under the new regulations in order to find balance and downforce.

As for the team, the structure of the design and aero department has remained that of 2017 – the season in which Ferrari came the closest to challenging Mercedes for the championship in recent years – with

David Sanchez and Enrico Cardile leading. Stability that has been implemented with some new additions from RedBull and Mercedes.

A significative impact on next year’s performance will undoubtedly come from the new Power Unit and the introduction of the 18’ Pirelli tyres. The biggest change teams will have to adjust to, however, is working with the ground-effect cars, as there are very few engineers that have had experiences with those in the past.

A very valuable resource in this department for Ferrari is the return of Rory Byrne, chief designer in the Schumacher era, as he has worked with ground-effect cars in the 80s.

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January 14, 2022 at 12:17PM

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