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‘Toughest’ series of F1 races ever – Steiner

‘Toughest’ series of F1 races ever – Steiner

The past month or so may have been the “toughest” sequence of grands prix in Formula 1 history.

That is the view of Gunther Steiner, who runs the sport’s smallest and – in 2021 – least competitive team in pitlane.

The Haas team principal was asked to comment on the particularly arduous ‘triple header’ of races that jumped from Mexico to Brazil and then Qatar in as many weeks.

“We had delays with the freight from Mexico City to Interlagos which made us a little nervous, but in the end we got everything done,” said Steiner.

“That’s what Formula 1 is like – we complain and we panic easily, and then everything goes well in the end.”

However, that doesn’t mean he isn’t somewhat critical of the schedule of three international grands prix in as many weeks, at the tail end of the long and covid-restriction marred 22-race F1 calendar.

“It has never been so hard, especially with the flight from Brazil to Qatar being so long,” said Steiner.

“Our people had to dismantle the whole garage and take the cars apart at Interlagos on Sunday evening, followed by a 16-hour flight to the Middle East.

“And it’s not just the distance, it’s also the time difference,” he explained.

“It was exhausting for everyone, but I think the fans appreciate how many races we have done this year. Formula 1 did a good job in that way, but I have to admit – I too have thought the past few weeks have really gotten to the limit.

“It was probably the toughest triple header of all.”

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November 26, 2021 at 07:08AM

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