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Ricciardo feels overtaking rules ‘not crystal clear’ following Hamilton Verstappen scrap

Ricciardo feels overtaking rules ‘not crystal clear’ following Hamilton Verstappen scrap

Daniel Ricciardo feels the rules of engagement in F1 remain unclear despite lengthy discussions that followed the incident between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen during the São Paulo Grand Prix.

The attempted overtake from Hamilton around the outside of turn four at Interlagos ultimately resulted in Verstappen avoiding any sanction despite clearly pushing the seven-time champion wide.

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The manoeuvre resulted in a strong debate between all 20 F1 drivers and FIA race director Michael Masi during the drivers’ briefing on Friday ahead of the recent Qatar GP as to what would be allowed in future.

Asked as to whether he was now clear in his own mind as to what is now acceptable on track, Ricciardo replied: “I don’t think it was very crystal clear.

“The one thing that at least was clear in my head, or should be clear, so most likely you are on the inside, and you attempt an overtake and you don’t stay on the track, then the other guy goes off-track as well, that is a failed overtake. That is a failed attempt.

“Just for the joy of it, I’ll take Max and Lewis out of it and I’ll talk about Charles [Leclerc] and Carlos [Sainz] in turn four on lap one.

“Charles out-braked Carlos on the inside but ran off-track and kept that position. So that’s a failed attempt at an overtake and he shouldn’t be allowed to keep that position.

“That’s the one thing that I’m clear on but it still seems unclear.”

Norris to make slight adjustments to approach

Describing Ricciardo’s explanation as “beautiful”, team-mate Lando Norris added: “I agree with basically everything he said.

“I think some things are a bit more clear, some things not. What is clear is that not every incident will be the same, even if it looks identical. So it is hard to ever know what the different circumstances are.

“Most things were cleared up. It is just hard to ever give a definite quote and say this is what you can and can’t do.”

As to whether he will now likely change his approach in an on-track battle, Norris added: “No…a little bit. There are a couple of things maybe you would adjust.

“I don’t think we would change the way we race but you would maybe just adjust a couple of things that you could possibly now do or not do. But I don’t think you would change much.”

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November 25, 2021 at 02:51PM

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