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FIA obtains EDGE certification for its commitment to professional gender equality

FIA obtains EDGE certification for its commitment to professional gender equality

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The FIA is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the EDGE (Economic Dividends for Gender Equality) Certification, the international standard for organisations in terms of gender equality in the workplace.

The certification process involved an analysis of gender-related HR data and practices and an employee survey on the perception of equity within the organisation. After an independent audit conducted by Flocert to validate the accuracy of the information provided, our Federation has obtained the first level of certification, EDGE Assess.

This recognition demonstrates our organisation’s commitment to implementing concrete measures in terms of gender equality and to becoming a leading organisation in this area. It is a first step towards achieving gender equality among our employees.
Today, women represent 35% of the FIA’s staff, or 72 employees out of 208, which demonstrates considerable progress over the years. This increase is observed across all FIA divisions – Administration, Sport and Mobility – including the traditionally male-dominated professions.
To move towards more parity and obtain the second level of EDGE certification, the FIA Management has commissioned the implementation of an action plan based on four key points:
Recruitment and promotion: awareness training will be implemented to prevent potential gender bias in recruitment, promotions and evaluations;
Equity in hierarchical representation: processes will be reinforced to further ensure fair career paths and ultimately achieve parity at all levels of responsibility;
Flexible working and work-life balance: work organisation will be made more flexible, and practices supporting young parents, both men and women, will further encourage fathers to take paternity leave and ensure that taking maternity leave does not negatively impact an employee’s career development opportunities;
Pay equity: guarantee of equal pay for equivalent work between men and women at all levels of responsibility in our organisation, which will be clearly stated in a specific policy.
Jean Todt, FIA President, said: “Gender Equality is a major priority for the FIA, both in terms of access to motor sport and mobility and within the bodies and staff of our organisation. The EDGE certification attests to our commitment in this area, and to the concrete measures already taken and to be taken in the future to achieve professional equality between our employees. I congratulate all the FIA teams, especially the Human Resources Department, for this achievement. It is a first step that calls for others.
Onika Miller, Secretary General ad interim Automobile Mobility and Tourism and Head of the FIA Innovation Fund, Diversity and Inclusion, and Peter Bayer, Secretary General Sport, said: “Gender Equality is part of the #PurposeDriven movement launched by the FIA to improve the contribution of motor sport and mobility to society, including diversity and inclusion. As such, we are proud of our EDGE certification, and we will develop further actions in the future.”
Jean-Baptiste Pinton, Chief Administrative Officer and Julie Legendre, Head of the Human Resources Department, said: “We are very pleased that our Federation has achieved EDGE certification. We are committed to an ambitious plan to make the FIA an exemplary international organisation in terms of gender equality. We will continue to promote the well-being, equality and advancement of all our staff.


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