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Aston Martin signs Mercedes’ F1 aero chief

Aston Martin signs Mercedes’ F1 aero chief

Aston Martin has recruited Mercedes’ chief aerodynamicist Eric Blandin and he will join the team at the end of the 2022 Formula 1 season.

The move is part of Aston Martin’s major recruitment drive but previous high-profile hires have been from Red Bull.

This is the first significant signing from Mercedes, which is Aston Martin’s engine supplier.

Blandin was named Mercedes’ chief aerodynamicist in 2017, having previously held the position of principal aerodynamicist.

He was Ferrari’s aero team leader prior joining Mercedes and before that held the same role at Red Bull.

Blandin is understood to still be working at Mercedes for now but will be placed on gardening leave in due course.

He will be free to join Aston Martin towards the end of 2022.

That will be around the time another major signing – Dan Fallows – joins as technical director.

Fallows is Red Bull’s head of aerodynamics and his current employer has not made it easy for Aston Martin to get its hands on its new recruit.

His contract with Red Bull runs until 2023 and there was initially a suggestion he may be held to its entire duration.

Fallows was still working at the factory as part of this but is understood to have recently been placed on gardening leave.

As that can be the case for a maximum 12 months he is expected to join Aston Martin towards the end of next year.

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November 24, 2021 at 01:24PM

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