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Why Perez escaped investigation for battle with Hamilton

Why Perez escaped investigation for battle with Hamilton

Ian Parkes & Ewan Gale

FIA race director Michael Masi has explained why no investigation was necessary into the battle between Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Perez at the Turkish Grand Prix.

In what was arguably the highlight of the race, a hard-charging Hamilton caught the Red Bull of Perez and made his move around the outside at turn 12.

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The Mexican did exactly as he was employed by Red Bull to do and hung tough around the outside of turn 13, where he was pushed wide by the seven-time world champion.

Perez crossed the pit-entry line and cut back to the track behind the entry bollard before taking the initiative back from the Mercedes into the final corner.

The duo battled side by side into turn one with Perez emerging ahead, the fight mirroring that of Hamilton and Jenson Button at Istanbul Park in 2010.

Despite cutting across the pit entry chevron, Perez was not investigated and explaining why the Mexican wasn’t punished, Masi said: “We had a look at it, absolutely, but as the regulation states and promotes, you only have to stick to the left of the bollard if you are entering pit lane so nothing in it.

“It was good hard racing between the two of them. Neither team, funnily enough, raised the question, neither Mercedes nor Red Bull. A good hard fight.”

Perez was heard on team radio complaining Hamilton had “pushed me off” but Masi added: “His team did not relay a single word.

“We don’t listen to every driver’s radio and generally the teams are very good but if they have an incident they want reviewed, the radio panel lights up very quickly.”

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October 13, 2021 at 06:40PM

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