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F1 | Turkish GP | Horner believes “something is strange” with Mercedes’ “phenomenal” straight-line speed

F1 | Turkish GP | Horner believes “something is strange” with Mercedes’ “phenomenal” straight-line speed

A double podium for Red Bull, a win and a P5 for Mercedes means that F1 leaves Turkey with Max Verstappen retaking the lead of the Championship.

Performance-wise, however, the Silver Arrows appeared to be doing better than Red Bull. Bottas started on pole – following Hamilton’s penalty – and won the race after leading it for most laps.

On Saturday Lewis Hamilton had set a new record for Istanbul Park, while on Sunday he climbed his way up from P11 to finish the race behind Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari.

“Mercedes have been very quick this weekend,” Horner told Sky Sports F1 after the Grand Prix.

“If you look at the straight-line speed of particularly Lewis today, it is 15/20 kph up after the kink on the straight. It is phenomenal.”

A pace on the straights Red Bull will have to try and match.

“And so we’ve got to find a little bit of straight-line speed ourselves. Maybe they were running a different downforce configuration but we’ve got some speed to find,” he continued.

“We’ve got some tracks coming up that hopefully suit us but we know Austin is Hamilton territory so we’re going to have to be on our A-game.”

Mercedes’ speed on the straights has raised some questions around the paddock and Red Bull in particular has doubts on whether the plenum – a component that distributes air around the engine – is in compliance with the regulations.

“We’ve been observing that since Silverstone. Something is strange there,” said Horner regarding the Mercedes’ Power Unit.

“Well, just for clarity, we didn’t protest it,” he explained.

“We ask some questions which all teams do. It wasn’t just Red Bull, by the way, it was other manufacturers raising questions as well and they continue to be raised.”

A significant advantage that Horner believes the FIA should look into.

“It is something for the FIA to look at and for them to police, but the straight-line speed…when you’ve got straight-line speed that is greater with a DRS open, that is pretty impressive.”

“It is down to the FIA to continue to look at these things,” he commented after being asked if he was satisfied with FIA’s response.

“We’re happy with the performance we had this weekend. I think the engineering team and the recovery we had, we were out of sync on Friday, the work that we did on Friday night with Sebastian Buemi in the simulator and the set-up we used on Saturday, it worked well today.”

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October 11, 2021 at 09:14PM

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