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Hamilton Verstappen clash to be discussed in drivers’ meeting

Hamilton Verstappen clash to be discussed in drivers’ meeting

Ian Parkes & Ewan Gale

Carlos Sainz has indicated the Italian Grand Prix clash between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen will be discussed in the next F1 drivers’ briefing.

Sainz also labelled the cause of the accident at the Rettifilo “pretty clear” but refused to be drawn as to who he felt was to blame.

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Verstappen attacked Hamilton, who was rejoining the circuit from the pit lane, before the two collided after the Red Bull hit the inside sausage kerb at turn two.

The championship leader was found to be “predominantly to blame” and handed a three-place grid penalty for the Russian Grand Prix.

With the pair crashing twice and countless close shaves on the opening laps of races this year, Sainz was asked if the situations were avoidable.

“I think it’s always avoidable,” he replied. “Two don’t crash if one doesn’t want to.

“When they are always fighting as tough as they have to fight for the championship you are more exposed to these kinds of incidents like we’ve seen in the past.

“I guess it’s a natural thing in Formula 1 when two guys fighting for the championship tend to collide a bit more often than not.

“From my point of view the accident was pretty clear but I’m not going to give you my opinion because I feel there is going to be some talks in the next drivers’ meeting and we need to talk about that between all of us.”

Hamilton Verstappen crash “normal”

The crash between the two drivers left Lando Norris with a much easier task to hold onto a McLaren one-two as Daniel Ricciardo comfortably took the victory, denting Ferrari‘s hopes of beating its rivals to third in the constructors’ standings.

Sainz’s team-mate Charles Leclerc was almost a beneficiary of the incident as he narrowly missed out on a podium, eventually finishing fourth in front of the Tifosi.

Giving his viewpoint of the collision, the 2019 winner at Monza said: “It is normal to see those types of accidents.

“They are fighting for a world championship and both want to win very badly, as I would if I was in that position.

“So it’s understandable to see those types of fights, as we’ve seen happening in the past.”

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September 15, 2021 at 05:07AM

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