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Hamilton Verstappen crash shown via remarkable 360-degree cameras

Hamilton Verstappen crash shown via remarkable 360-degree cameras

F1 has released dramatic footage of Lewis Hamilton‘s crash with Max Verstappen in the Italian Grand Prix shown from 360-degree cameras.

The F1 title rivals were involved in a dramatic collision midway through the race at Monza that culminated in Verstappen’s Red Bull violently rolling over the top of Hamilton’s Mercedes.

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From the camera on the nose of Hamilton’s car, in particular, it captures the moment the RB16B hits Hamilton on the helmet, with the halo coming to his aid.

Hamilton sustained a sore neck, leading to both the Briton and team principal Toto Wolff declaring the halo had saved the life of the seven-time champion.

The cameras are nothing new as they have been on F1 cars since 2018 but footage has never been aired during the main broadcast.

So far, only a few selected scenes have been released on F1’s YouTube channel, including Hamilton’s pole laps of Singapore and Monaco in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

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September 14, 2021 at 05:59PM

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