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FIA pit-stop clampdown tweaked and postponed

FIA pit-stop clampdown tweaked and postponed

Teams will have more time to adapt their pit-stop procedures after the FIA delayed their clampdown until the Belgian Grand Prix.

The original plan meant that from the Hungarian Grand Prix, teams would be required to build tolerances into their pit-stops to allow for human reaction times, with the FIA keen to move away from heavy reliance on automated systems.

But after discussions with the teams, the FIA have updated parts of the original technical directive, mainly focused on these human reaction times during the pit-stops.

The FIA have actually removed a large chunk of those proposed changes, but the updated directive now states teams must prove the mechanic on each wheel gun has pressed the button themselves to signal the wheel is on safely, adding that the button cannot be held down.

“On the TD there was an update,” McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl explained, quoted by “Based on feedback the FIA collected after they sent it out initially to the teams, which makes sense from our point of view.

“The main objective from this TD was to make sure pit-stops are done in a safe way and to anticipate and stop bad things from happening.

“The second thing is also to ensure we are also on a level playing field in terms of the application of the regulations, so we are happy with that.

“The door is open for further changes for next year.”

Max Verstappen pit stop

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It has been reported Red Bull played a major role in the FIA discussions, with the team regularly topping the charts for fastest pit-stops.

Before the updated technical directive was announced, Red Bull principal Christian Horner had stated his concern over the rules around pit-stops, feeling they were becoming too intense.

“You have to remember the responsibility is with a competitor that they have to have all four wheels securely fastened, and the penalty for not is to stop the car and have to retire the car immediately,” he said.

“So it’s brutal, the result of not having those wheels properly fastened. But by introducing false delays and so on…it’s been an exciting element, can a group of people change four wheels in less than two seconds?

“And we’ve demonstrated that with the world records we’ve achieved, but you’re going to dilute and take that away now.”


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