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F1 | More points in future Sprint Qualifying events to “definitely” be discussed : Ross Brawn

F1 | More points in future Sprint Qualifying events to “definitely” be discussed : Ross Brawn

The British Grand Prix will be remembered for Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton’s fight but not only the main event; the first episode of the so-discussed Sprint Qualifying took place.

The event, held on Saturday has been watched with much interest by both fans and teams but there are many details that still need fixing. One of these, is the awarding of points to the top-three qualified, the pole man received three points, the runner-up two and the third only got one single point: just as much as the fastest lap in the race.

Ross Brawn is still at work on the matter, though. He said in an exclusive interview with that his main goal is to provide more points in the next events.

The main thing was we had some exciting racing because racing drivers can’t help themselves, – he said – That’s why they’re doing what they’re doing. And we had some fabulous battles. They were short and sharp. The teams didn’t have a say in what happened in the race because it was just down to the drivers. So there was no strategy, no pit stops. I give it a vote of success and certainly a good platform for something in the future.

On FP2, perhaps some of the slight frustration is because it’s parc ferme they can’t do anything to the cars,he continued – So I think that would be a point that we could discuss with the teams and the FIA as a future tweak. In my mind, we should have FP2, and there was plenty of running going on. It gave the fans some engagement and they saw cars running around.”

At this point, the manager started to think about the future, as the next time we are going to see a Sprint Qualifying will be in September at the Italian Grand Prix.

“You could look at one or two things, but I don’t think there’ll be major. What we don’t want is to change the format of the weekend, that means the fans have to readjust to it because we certainly don’t want that.”

This is the point in which he focused on the rewarding system of the top-three qualified, a format that strongly needs to be revised.

“If I’m honest, we started with more points and we arrived at the points we have now because we were a little concerned if the sprint ended up deciding the championship if it was late in the year, – Brawn stated.

If you had 10 points for the sprint, then – in fact, our initial proposal was a third because it’s a third of a race. he explained –  But I think that’s something that can be discussed. I wouldn’t say it’s locked in at the moment. It’s certainly locked in for this year. But I think if we go forward with this, that will definitely be on the points to discuss whether we should make it more attractive, to score more points.”



July 21, 2021 at 07:49PM

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